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Indoor Air Quality

Many people do not realize that the air inside their homes near Orlando could be polluted just as much as the air outside. Making sure your indoor air stays clean and safe to breathe all starts with a ...
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Simple Strategies for Reducing Your AC Energy Use

With energy efficiency on the minds of most homeowners, you may be looking for ways to reduce your energy bills. Cooling your home can require a significant amount of power, so reducing the energy ...
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Smart Strategies for Getting a New Air Conditioner

In many cases, air conditioner repair in Orlando may be just what you need to make your home comfortable again. If your unit is beyond repair, then you will need an altogether new air conditioning ...
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Why You Need a Maintenance Agreement

AC maintenance in Orlando should not be optional if you want your unit to continue to function properly. HVAC maintenance plans are designed to help homeowners keep their heating and air conditioning ...
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Choose the Best: Certified Climate Control

Does your air conditioning unit need to be serviced, or are you interested in purchasing a brand new AC unit for your home? Certified Climate Control specializes in installing, replacing, repairing, ...
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The Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

An air conditioner in Jacksonville can be a lifesaver, especially during the summer months. If your air conditioning unit malfunctions, however, you may find yourself without relief when you need it ...
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Exploring the Science Behind Air Conditioning

Many people rely on air conditioners in Orlando to get them through the warmer months of the year, but not nearly as many actually understand how their air conditioning units work. Much like a motor ...
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A Look at Your AC Options

Modern technology has allowed many different industries to flourish using advanced appliances, and the industry of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in Orlando is no exception. Air ...
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Indoor Air Quality Tips

Having clean air circulating inside your home is a must for the continued health of you and your family. By utilizing filtration, such as HEPA-type filters, your air conditioner is an effective tool ...
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Certified Climate Control: An Award-Winning Company

Certified Climate Control is a highly acclaimed and award-winning company that serves Florida residents in the Jacksonville area, as well as Orange, Seminole, and Volusia Counties. If you are in need ...
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The History and Importance of Air Conditioning

Many people who live in environments where the summers are unpleasantly warm understand the unparalleled comfort found in air conditioning. However, most people don’t know how air conditioners ...
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is a necessity in areas where summer temperatures soar to uncomfortable levels. Consider some of the important services air conditioners provide: they cool the air inside homes, they ...
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Prepping Your A/C for Summer [Infographic]

Summer will soon arrive in Jacksonville, bringing warm temperatures and humid air to the area. This year, instead of letting the heat take you by surprise, make sure your air conditioning unit is ...
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Spotlight on Signature Tune-Ups by Certified Climate Control

If you want to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape and possibly save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in long-term AC repair costs, Certified Climate Control of Jacksonville can help. ...
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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Spring is here, and that means summer is just beyond the horizon. As temperatures start to increase, the only relief from a hot summer’s day (and night) will be your air conditioner. If your AC ...
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Why You Should Let the Professionals Install Your AC

Why You Should Let the Professionals Install Your AC When you purchase a new air conditioner for your home, it is important to schedule a professional AC installation for your new unit. There are ...
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The Importance of Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance

The Importance of Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance When you install a new air conditioner in your home, you are making a great investment in the comfort of every member of your household. In ...
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Why You Can Trust Certified Climate Control

With many Orlando home AC services vying for your business, how will you know which air conditioning service to trust? Certified Climate Control is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business with an ...
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It's About Time for Certified Climate Control

Isn't it about time you felt cool and comfortable in your home? Isn't it about time you lowered your heating and cooling bills? Isn't time you said goodbye to after-hours fees? If you ...
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AC Maintenance Plan Choices from CCC

Few things in your home are as important (or expensive) are your air conditioning and heating system. Routine preventative maintenance is the key to maintaining your HVAC system, and Certified Climate ...
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