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Air Conditioning in Orlando & Jacksonville

The term air conditioning is used to describe the act of cooling, heating, dehumidifying, disinfecting or any other manner of conditioning air. However, the term is mostly used to describe using an appliance to cool and dehumidify the air in your home or office. The most common form of air conditioning in our area is called air to air. This method is when a liquid refrigerant is sent into your indoor coil ( the evaporator) making the coil very cold. As the air is pulled through the coil the heat in the air is absorbed into the refrigerant and cools the air approximately 20 degrees. The temperature of the coil is so cold that as the air is being pulled through it, moisture is also condensing on the coil helping to dehumidify your air. The moisture collected then runs out through your condensate drain, the heated refrigerant is returned to the outdoor unit (the condenser), and the cold air is distributed through your home or office.The heated refrigerant that was returned to the outdoor unit is compressed in the compressor and the refrigerant is then sent into the outdoor coil ( the condensing coil) to have the heat extracted. The outdoor fan (the condensing fan motor) pulls air through the coil to remove the heat, preparing the refrigerant to be sent back to the indoor coil.

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Several different forms of heat that can be used with the above air conditioning system.

First is resistant heat, this is when electric heater coils are energized causing them to heat up, and air is then pushed across them causing the air to be heated. This is the most inefficient form of heating there is.

There is also gas and oil heat, these are pretty simple, the system burns the fuel inside a chamber called the heat exchanger. The cold air is then pushed across the heat exchanger to heat it up. This type of heat can also be very expensive but not as expensive as the resistant heat strips.

Next is called hydro-heat, this is when hot water from your hot water heater is run into a coil on your indoor unit. The cold air is pushed through the coil to heat it up. The issues with this type of heating depends on the type of hot water heater you have, if your have an electric water heater than it will not really be any more efficient than a resistant heat strip because it is using the same type of energy to heat the water. If you have a gas hot water heater it will be more efficient but most customers are not satisfied with the amount of heat they receive off of these systems.

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