Preventive HVAC Maintenance: A Wise Investment

A new air conditioner is a big investment, but preventive maintenance is a smart investment. Your heating and air conditioning system keeps your family comfortable all year long, and a preventive maintenance plan makes sure it works as expected. If you are worried about the cost of heating and air conditioning maintenance , compare it to the cost of HVAC repairs or replacement and you’ll see how affordable (and smart) maintenance really is. Here’s a closer look at why HVAC maintenance is a wise investment for homeowners and businesses.

Prevent Major HVAC Problems
Preventive HVAC Maintenance Orlando Major HVAC problems don’t typically develop overnight, but are instead the result of prolonged wear and tear. Routine HVAC inspection allows trained heating and cooling technicians to look for signs of developing problems and fix them before they cause more damage and require more expensive repairs. Some protection plans include annual multi-point inspections to make sure that minor problems don’t develop into major headaches.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills
Preventive HVAC maintenance also helps to keep your heating and air conditioning system running efficiently. Older heating and cooling systems are already less efficient than today’s new units, so extra care should be taken to keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible. In addition to lowering your utility bills, preventive maintenance can also extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment, which will save you money on replacement costs.

Save on Parts and Labor
With a n HVAC maintenance plan from a reputable heating and air conditioning service company in Orlando, FL, you will enjoy discounts on parts, service, and accessories anytime your heating and air conditioning system needs to be repaired. Some plans also include free products and services designed to save you even more money and keep your home comfortable.

Tips for Reducing Your Cooling Bill

Running your air conditioner can be a major component of your utility bills during the summer. There are many factors that affect your air conditioner’s function and efficiency, which in turn affect the cost of using your AC.

Schedule an annual AC tune-up to ensure the system is working properly. If you do experience a change in function, contact an HVAC specialist about air conditioner repairs immediately. When it’s time to replace your AC, talk to an air conditioner sales representative about installing a high-efficiency system that will use less energy to produce a comfortable indoor environment. Check out this short video to learn more about how you can reduce your monthly air conditioning bill.

Regular air conditioning maintenance will help to keep your home cooler and your energy bills lower. Talk to your Orlando home AC service for more personalized tips to reduce your cooling bill.

How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

April showers lead to May flowers, but they also mark the beginning of the hot, humid summer months here in Orlando, FL. While it’s nice to have the latest swim wear and plenty of charcoal for your grill, there are more important ways to get ready for the hot weather ahead of us, like getting an HVAC inspection . To help you stay comfortable and save money, here are some tips on how to get your home ready for the summer months.

Set Your Ceiling Fans
AC Tune Up Orlando Ceiling fans allow you to keep your home cooler without only relying on your air c onditioner. Set fan blades to revolve counterclockwise, which forces the hotter air near the ceiling to mix with the lower, cooler air. And before you run your ceiling fans this summer, give them a thorough cleaning t o remove any buildup that accumulated during the dormant winter months.

Shade Your Windows
Even if you have the most efficient air conditioner in the world, it won’t do much good if the sun is constantly beating down and warming the inside of your home. To keep your home cooler, use shutters, blinds, and drapes to block the sun out during the day.

Run a Clothes’ Line
One great way to reduce your energy bills and cool down your home during the summer is to dry your clothes outside rather than in the drying machines. Hanging your clothes to dry outside will also give your wardrobe a fresh scent that dryer sheets simply can’t match.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up
Your air conditioner has been sitting dormant for a few months, so it’s worth the time and money to hire an air conditioner service company to come out and make sure everything is working properly before you turn the unit on full blast. An air conditioner inspection and tune-up will also help keep your system running efficiently, which may help keep your energy bills low.

How to Choose a New HVAC Unit

HVAC Installation in Orlando Is it time to replace your home’s air conditioner? When choosing a new air conditioner for your home, there are many factors to consider. Selecting an HVAC unit that is the right size and efficiency for your needs can greatly reduce its operating costs and start saving you money immediately.

Get Help
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when replacing their AC is trying to choose the right HVAC system on their own. The first step in selecting a new HVAC unit is to enlist the help of an experienced air conditioning service professional . A trained professional can perform a thorough evaluation of your home and your needs to get you started on the path to selecting the right unit. He can explain your various options and the features you might want to consider—or skip—to get the most benefit for your money.

Replace the Entire System
Your air conditioner is just one component of your home’s HVAC system. Even a new energy-efficient air conditioner may not produce the desired results when coupled with an older, less efficient furnace and air handling system. Once you’ve selected the air conditioner you want to purchase, look at furnaces and air handlers that offer similar efficiency and capacity. By combining well-matched HVAC components, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of your new air conditioning system.

Sizing Is Important
HVAC systems are available with a variety of heating and cooling capacities. The key to getting the most for your new HVAC unit is to purchase an appliance that is the correct size for your home . Schedule an HVAC inspection to find out how large your current unit is and whether it’s the right size. An HVAC professional can help you determine the capacity your new unit must have to deliver the greatest heating and cooling efficiency for your Orlando home.

If you’re tired of scheduling frequent AC repairs, it could be time to upgrade your HVAC system. Getting the help you need from an experienced Orlando AC service professional will ensure you are pleased with your purchase.