• What Size Air Conditioner Do You Need?

    There are many different types and sizes of air conditioner units, from the window air conditioners to the central units. If you are shopping for a new AC, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the different types of air conditioners so that you can determine which one is right for your needs. At Certified […]

  • A Look at Certified Climate Control’s Signature Tune Up

    A yearly AC tune-up is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your air conditioner, lower your energy bills, and reduce the likelihood of needing air conditioner repair services. At Certified Climate Control, we are dedicated to providing quality air conditioning service in Orlando and surrounding areas. Our […]

  • Changing Your AC Filter

    Changing the filter is an important component of every AC tune-up routine. If you don’t change the filter once per month or as recommended during cooling season, your AC unit will be inefficient and more likely to fail prematurely. To learn more about how to change your AC filter, watch this video clip. And remember—for […]

  • Common Air Conditioner Problems

    Are you having problems with your air conditioner? At Certified Climate Control, we offer quality HVAC repair in Orlando and nearby areas. Read below to find out more about some of the common AC problems we have encountered. Improper Operation The top air conditioner problem is inefficient operation. This includes leaving a window or door […]