• Facts About Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

    Heating and cooling makes up over half of the energy costs in your home. If you want to minimize your energy costs, start by maintaining your air conditioner. Simple AC maintenance can increase your unit’s energy efficiency and prevent major problems in the future, which means lower energy costs and less money spent on AC […]

  • How Does Air Conditioning Work?

    Spring is here, and that means summer is just beyond the horizon. As temperatures start to increase, the only relief from a hot summer’s day (and night) will be your air conditioner. If your AC unit is exhibiting signs of trouble, or if you can’t remember the last time you scheduled an air conditioner tune […]

  • Spotlight on AC Evaluations

    When your air conditioner finally kicks the can, it’s natural to start looking at the cost of replacing the unit with a similar model. However, this assumes that what you have is correct for your home to begin with. In order to determine which AC system is right for your home, you need to schedule […]

  • A Look at the Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

    If there’s anything worse than not having air conditioning on a hot summer’s day, you probably won’t be able to think of it while you’re scrambling to get your AC up and running again. In hot and humid Jacksonville, having a fully functioning air conditioner is about as important as having a roof over your […]