How Your Air Conditioner Works

If you have ever wondered how your air conditioner in Orlando is able to keep your home cool, why leave it a mystery? Watch this video to find out just how your air conditioner is able to do what it does.

Air conditioners are actually not all that complex; like many other types of appliances, they are made up of a few different parts that come together to serve a specific purpose. This purpose happens to be cooling your home. Your air conditioner makes use of a set of metal coils that contains a liquid that evaporates at a low temperature. When the liquid evaporates, the coils become cold. A fan then blows air over the cool coils, which causes cool air to circulate around your home. Your air conditioner then uses a compressor to turn the evaporated liquid from a gas back into a liquid and the process continues.

The Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

An air conditioner in Jacksonville can be a lifesaver, especially during the summer months. If your air conditioning unit malfunctions, however, you may find yourself without relief when you need it most. It is always a good idea to have your unit tested and inspected before it gets too warm so that you can address any issues before they affect you. Read on if you would like to take a look at some of the most common air conditioning issues.

Unit Makes Noise
It would be unreasonable to expect your air conditioning unit to stay virtually silent when it is on; moving air does Air Conditioning Issues Jacksonville make a sound, so normal noise is a good thing. Some individuals experience loud rattling or banging sounds, however, which is not a normal part of the air conditioning process. Rattling, banging, and vibrating sounds may indicate that your air conditioning unit was installed poorly. This can often lead to diminished working life and frequent repairs, so have your air conditioning professional check out your unit as soon as you start hearing these types of noises. Catching the problem early is one of the most important parts of solving it.

Air Is Not Cold
A cool breeze is always welcome in the household throughout the summer months, but a warm current is counterproductive. If your air conditioner runs but circulates warm air throughout your home you may have a problem with your condenser coil. Your air conditioner fails to cool the air when your condenser coil fails, and yet the air is pumped throughout your house anyway. This problem could also be a result of low refrigerant. It is important to maintain your air conditioner in order to avoid this kind of problem during the summer.

Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On
Sometimes an air conditioner will fail to power on and the user will expect that the problem might lie within the unit. Always check your thermostat when your air conditioner does not turn on. If the thermostat is not the culprit, you may have tripped a circuit. Call a professional if your circuit continues to trip.