The Importance of Maintenance for Your Heat Pump

Now that the weather is starting to get colder, most homeowners are going to be heating their homes more frequently. Routine heat pump maintenance from an HVAC technician near Orlando is the surest way to keep your heating system in top shape when you most need it. Cleaning and changing the filters in your heat pump will help increase your systems performance and the airflow throughout your home. Getting regular maintenance will not only keep your home comfortable during winter, but it will also improve your homes energy efficiency and help to reduce the likelihood of heat pump breakdowns, meaning less need for repairs. The more efficient your heat pump is, the less excessive your heating bills will be. An HVAC maintenance plan will ensure that your heat pump gets the professional attention it needs to stay strong all winter long.

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How CCC Provides Accurate AC Sizing

The primary concern when selecting an AC unit for your home is choosing one designed for the size of your home. Continue reading to learn how the experienced HVAC technicians at Certified Climate Control can provide you with accurate AC sizing for your new air conditioning installation in Orlando. ac - unit

The Importance of the Right AC Size

When your AC unit is too small for your home, it can run continuously, increase your energy bills, and struggle to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. On the other hand, an air conditioning unit that is too large for the size of your home will have to turn on and shut off frequently, a process that can wear down its parts prematurely. Also, oversized AC units often cause homes to feel clammy and can promote mold and mildew growth.

The Reasons Not to Rely on Your Current Unit for AC Sizing

Homeowners that are aware of the importance of AC size when it comes to properly and efficiently cooling their home may frequently expect that the HVAC technician will be able to easily determine the size of their current unit. Unfortunately, the currently installed unit may not be the appropriate size for your home. Additionally, even if it is the right size, the labels are often illegible by the time you need a replacement unit. Finally, the individual working on your HVAC installation may read the label incorrectly and select a unit to install that is not the correct size.

The CCC Method for Providing You with Accurate AC Sizing

CCC knows that choosing the right AC size for your home relies on more than square footage. Your home’s construction materials, shading, heat load, insulation, facing, and number of windows should all be factored in when calculating your new air conditioning unit’s size. Working with a company who will determine the appropriate size for your new AC unit is essential for helping ensure your family’s comfort, the unit’s energy efficiency, and the system’s long life. For these reasons, consider choosing Certified Climate Control for your new AC installation.

Common Culprits of Energy Inefficiency

Are you looking for ways to save on your energy costs? If so, then there are a few common culprits seen in homes that can reduce their energy efficiency and lead to increased utility bills. The following are a few of the appliances that HVAC companies in Orlando commonly find as culprits of energy inefficiency in homes. hvac - system

Air Leaks

Leaks in your home that allow conditioned air to flow outside are one of the most common reasons that households suffer from energy inefficiency. Reducing the draftiness of your house might decrease your annual energy costs by as much as 30%, so addressing this issue is often worth the investment. Common areas of the home that can cause drafts include baseboard edging, ceiling junctures, doors, windows, electrical outlets and switches, and plumbing and lighting fixtures.

HVAC Systems

For most households, the use of their heating and air conditioning account for a significant amount of their overall energy costs. Like many aspects of your home, HVAC systems require a bit of maintenance now and then, and when these units are ignored, they can become less efficient. Dirty filters, worn parts, and low amounts of coolant are a few of the ways in which your HVAC unit can suffer from reduced efficiency. Poorly maintained HVAC systems can result in energy bills that are unnecessarily high and can also shorten the lifespan of the system, so remember to schedule professional maintenance for your heating and air conditioning at least once per year.

Water Heaters

The average homeowner ignores their water heater until it starts failing to produce hot water. Because problems with water heaters typically go unnoticed until they start failing to perform their function, these appliances are common causes of home energy inefficiency. To maintain your water heater, check the owner’s manual to learn how often you should be flushing the device and then follow the instructions as necessary. Also, if your water heater is taking longer to heat water or if it doesn’t get water as hot as it used to, then it’s time to think about scheduling professional water heater maintenance.