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When shopping for an air conditioning unit, you may find yourself overwhelmed by how many different styles, sizes, and brands there are to choose from. So which one should you buy? If you live in a small space, are interested in only cooling one room, or are not thrilled by the prospect of having to install the bulky ductwork needed by a central air conditioning system, consider buying a Daikin AC mini-split. Daikin’s mini-splits come in a wide range of sizes and styles that can surely suit your cooling needs. Whichever make and model you ultimately decide on, be sure to hire a reputable HVAC technician in Orlando to install it for you.

About the Daikin Brand

Daikin is a highly acclaimed brand that was founded in 1924. Because of its tireless commitment to technology, innovation, and research, Daikin is the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and a global leader in its industry. When you’re ready to purchase a new AC unit, you can’t go wrong with a Daikin.

What a Mini-Split System Is

Unlike central air conditioning systems, mini-split systems are ductless and are compact. Like a larger, traditional split system that has one inner component and one outer component, a mini-split has an indoor venting component and an outdoor compressor and condenser. Mini-split units tend to be mounted high on walls, though some models can be mounted nearer to the ground. These systems are great for small spaces or for homes where the homeowner only wants to cool down specific rooms. Since walls don’t need to be torn up to install a network of ducts, mini-splits are cost effective and need little work to set up.

The Advantages of a Daikin AC Mini-Split

Daikin AC mini-splits offer individual control, which means that every unit can be operated independently. So if you have multiple units throughout your home, you are in complete control of which rooms are cooled. These AC units are easy to install since no ductwork is needed, and their advanced heat-pump technology makes them highly energy efficient, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Daikin AC mini-splits come as a single-split unit with one indoor component and one outdoor component, or as a multi-split unit with up to five indoor components attached to one outdoor component.