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Ductless Mini Split In Central Florida

Ductless and split A/C units are among the most advanced and efficient A/C solutions for homes and businesses. Certified Climate Control is here to innovate your HVAC and cooling systems by offering services for your mini ductless split in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Our seasoned technicians stay trained and informed on the latest HVAC developments, ensuring you receive quality repairs, maintenance and installation for each service.

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What Is A Ductless Air Conditioner?

Traditional central air conditioning and heating systems usually rely on a lot of ductwork to function, costing you more time, money and space in the long run. A mini split air conditioner consists of many different evaporation units linked to one primary outdoor compressor. The single unit compressor generates energy for the entire cooling system.

Mini ductless solutions are energy efficient, low maintenance and reduce energy waste.

Why Choose Us

A ductless system’s installation and maintenance differ significantly from the needs of traditional A/C systems. Hiring professionals explicitly trained in mini ductless systems is crucial to keeping it in optimal condition throughout the year.

Here’s why homeowners come to us:

Knowledgeable Repairs and Maintenance

Ductless air conditioners comprise a specific design requiring qualified professionals for proper maintenance and repair. We have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to service mini ductless systems that the average HVAC technician does not.

We Know How to Properly Circulate Your Air

Ductless mini systems blow air directly into your rooms instead of circulating through a duct system. Our team knows how to formulate and install an airflow system that works for your home. Our services will optimize your ductless airflow.

We Offer Honest Pricing Plans

Though ductless systems are usually more cost-effective than traditional A/C units, many contractors keep customers in the dark about pricing plans. Our cost structures are transparent and detailed, and we strive to fit your budget.

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The Advantages Of Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini-split air conditioner systems provide homes with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Versatility: mini ductless systems save energy and space suitable for different types of homes.
  • Convenience: Ductless systems cut down on installation and maintenance times.
  • Comfort: You can set different temperatures in different rooms simultaneously.
  • Savings: Traditional ducts risk wasting over 20% of your energy.

Receive A Mini Split Air Conditioner Today

Ductless air conditioners are among the most efficient and cost-effective solutions on the market today. Why not innovate your home or business’s heating and cooling with the most trusted professionals/ Our team will replace your old unit and install a brand-new system to provide you the ultimate comfort. We customize our services to ensure your exact needs are met. Elevate your air conditioning experience with a ductless A/C system today.