AC System Sizing

System Sizing In Central Florida

Easy question, right? Not really. You see, most homeowners just expect to have an A/C guy come out and tell them the size they have and then replace it with the same size. The problem I have seen in all my years of doing air conditioning work is that a lot of A/C guys can’t determine what size you have. The label can be worn, they look at the wrong numbers on the label or they just guess. Even if they replace your system with the same size you have, who’s to say that was correct.

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Factors That Determine A/C Sizing

  • The square footage of your heated/cooled living area
  • The type of home you have ( wood, concrete block)
  • The temperature requirements you prefer
  • The amount of shade or cover over your home
  • The amount of insulation in your walls and ceiling
  • The direction your home faces
  • The number and type of windows, doors, and skylights

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Determining The Right AC System Size

So now that you see how much information is needed to size your equipment properly, you can also see why you want to choose the right company to determine the appropriate size for your home. There is a rule of thumb of 500 square feet of living space per ton of air conditioning, but this will give you a ballpark guess at best. The proper way to size your system is to perform a heat load calculation, this is when we gather all of the information listed above to determine how much heat infiltrates into your home and how much air conditioning we need to cool it back down. Having your system too small can cause your system to run non-stop, give you high power bills while still not cooling your home properly. Having your system too large can cause your system to not run enough, sure it gives you low power bills but it does not allow the system to pull enough moisture from your home and can result in excessive mold and mildew build up in your home (and can also lead to a higher upfront investment in the system than you need to make). Why take the risk, just call Certified and we will take care of it the right way.