Is Ductwork and Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

We Generally Don’t Recommend Duct Cleaning Services for your Orlando, FL Ductwork. Here is Why.

We are HVAC Repair and Ductwork Installation and Repair Experts. Unfortunately, a lot of the Duct Cleaning in Florida is a Waste of Money (even though it is often easy and highly profitable work)

Certified Climate Control provides outstanding services for repairing HVAC systems and installing or repairing ductwork throughout Orlando, FL. We have delivered exceptional customer service to our clients for over a decade, making us one of the region’s most experienced climate control companies. We know how to maximize our customers’ HVAC systems to provide clean and comfortable air – including your ductwork. We have become the go-to destination for superb HVAC services through award-winning service, highly-trained specialists, and affordable rates. We pledge to provide outstanding customer service, and we always get the job done.

However, the vast majority of Orlando and Central Florida homeowners have flexible ductwork and fiberglass (hard) duct board, where duct cleaning (including if it’s done with bristle brushes/machines with bristle brushes) can damage the ductwork. Additionally, even for solely metal ductwork, as this EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) study found:

“Duct cleaning has never been shown to actually prevent health problems. Neither do studies conclusively demonstrate that particle (e.g., dust) levels in homes increase because of dirty air ducts. This is because much of the dirt in air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and does not necessarily enter the living space.” –

The Truth About Duct Work Cleaning in Florida

Many people pay more attention to their air conditioner than their ductwork. But they are both important. After all, your home’s ductwork carries cool air from room to room, making it an indispensable part of your house. However, while having the ductwork properly installed is important as is making sure it remains properly sealed, the air conditioner itself utilizes air filters, and HVAC manufacturers generally do not design the duct work to be cleaned.

  • “Return Side” vs. “Supply Side” of Ducts: Sometimes after the cleaning of ducts, the homeowner may be shown dirt from the “return side” of ducts versus the “supply side” that is the side actually pumping the air into your home. The “supply side” is typically very clean, although the “return side” of ducts can get dirty.
  • Damage to the Duct Work During Cleaning: The vast majority of Orlando and Central Florida homeowners have flexible duct work and fiberglass duct board, where duct cleaning (including if it’s done with bristle brushes / machines with bristle brushes) can damage the duct work. The fiberglass duct board can have a thin membrane mesh that helps keep the airstream clean, and the cleaning process can tear or damage that membrane, which can actually negatively impact air quality (and potentially introduce fiberglass into the air stream).
  • Duct Cleaning Damages Can Lead to Mold: If the ducts are damaged during cleaning, the leaky air could lead to mold or “molding out” that might be realized 3 to 4 years down the road, and ultimately very expensive repairs. Since this might happen years later, the homeowner might not even realize the connection between the two.
  • High Prices: The duct cleaning that is offered and sold can be high-priced and very profitable easy work, despite all the challenges discussed around whether this work is a good use of money. Some of the claims made are around cleaner furniture and floors, fewer irritants, and HVAC system protection.

We Provide Crucial Ductwork Sealing (Insulation)

Our team members know how to seal your ducts. Spaces, gaps, and punctures are common. But you shouldn’t ignore them. You don’t want air to escape from the ducts, as it will adversely affect you and your family. Our sealing services will help you maintain consistent temperatures in your home, among other benefits:

  • Lower Utility Bills: Sealing your duct work can lower your power and improve indoor air quality, making It a wise long-term investment.
  • Sealing is HVAC System-Friendly: You don’t want to place undue strain on your HVAC system. Sealing will reduce that strain and help it run more effectively.
  • Sealing Boosts Comfort: You might not think a leak would impact your comfort level, but it does. Leaks lead to cold and hot spots.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Sealing your HVAC system can decrease mold and dust build-up. Combining sealing with cleaning is a plus.

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