Looking Back at the History of Daikin AC

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With winter fast approaching, quality heating and air conditioning near Orlando is a top priority for many homeowners. That is why the best heating and air conditioning service providers rely on proven products, like Daikin AC. Daikin AC delivers affordable and effective air conditioning solutions that meet the demands of any setting. Keep reading to find out more about this nearly century old company.

Daikin Origins

While Daikin AC is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in the world today, it was founded as a tiny company in 1924. Originally, Daikin AC produced aircraft radiator tubes. The company then directed its attention to air conditioning and issued a trial manufacture of a refrigerator. After great success, mass production of air conditioning began, and Daikin AC established several large plants.

Air Conditioning Focus

As air conditioning became more and more essential for daily life during the warm summer months, Daikin AC directed its attention to climate control. In the 1950s, Daikin developed the heat-pump packaged air conditioner. Towards the end of that decade, the company also began equipping residential use air conditioners with one of the first rotary compressors. In the 1960s, Daikin first used a Freon heater in an air conditioner, combining heating and air conditioning for the very first time.

Worldwide Sales

As the years went on, Daikin AC established air conditioning manufacturing and sales companies around the globe. In 1984, Daikin became the first company in the world to manufacture 1 million air conditioning and heating units. In 1995, Daikin developed the industry’s first compact room air conditioner that relied on a swing compressor to conserve energy. In 1999, Daikin AC created the world’s first room air conditioner capable of regulating humidity using a waterless system.

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