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Trane A/C Unit Repair In Orlando, FL

Trane A/C units provide homes and businesses exceptional cooling, so why not enlist the best technicians to service yours? Certified Climate Control is a leading provider of Trane A/C unit repair in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Our team is educated and experienced in handling and repairing Trane units. Give us a call to request a service today.

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Trane Air Conditioner Installation And Replacement

Choosing the right Trane unit for your home requires specialized expertise and skills. You should select your Trane installation based on who is equipped to repair and maintain it, and you should pick a model that can withstand our intense heat and climate. Our understanding of Trane units and products makes us the best choice for getting you through the hot summer days.

Our team first assesses your individual cooling needs and your home’s size and dimensions. From there, we’ll guide you through a broad, quality selection of Trane services that best suit your home. Our firm, secure installations allow you to maximize your unit. Do you need a replacement? No problem. We will gladly remove your current unit and replace it with a brand-new Trane unit.

Ongoing Trane A/C Unit Maintenance

Our trusted technicians specialize in performing maintenance for a variety of Trane models. We’ll inspect your Trane unit to detect any signs of damage, wear or disrepair, and we can make repairs on the same day. Our maintenance comes with rejuvenating your unit’s lubrication, tightening parts and components and giving them a spotless cleaning.

Here’s what our maintenance services will do for your Trane A/C unit:

  • Relieve stress on your system caused by hot temperatures.
  • Extend your unit’s lifespan so you can enjoy cool air for years.
  • Reduce your monthly energy use and costs.
  • Ensure your comfort and cool air year-round.

Units We Service

We service the following Trane A/C units, systems and products:

  • Trane XR
  • Trane XR12
  • Trane XR 13
  • Trane XR 14
  • Trane XR 15
  • Trane XR 16
  • Trane XV 20i
  • Trane 3-ton A/C unit
  • Trane 4-ton A/C unit

Maximize Your Trane A/C Unit

Trane is among the leading brands in the A/C unit market, and that’s why it’s essential to choose the most qualified technicians to keep it that way. Our team comes equipped with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to boost your Trane unit’s efficiency and performance. Whether you need an immediate emergency repair, routine preventative maintenance or a brand-new Trane unit installation for your home and business, our team will serve you with the highest level of excellence.

We Complete Trane HVAC Repairs

We’re on standby to perform scheduled and emergency repairs on your Trane A/C. Answering your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays. If we see an issue during a routine inspection, we can promptly resolve it on the spot. Our fast and secure repairs keep your system functioning throughout the year.