Ocoee, FL, Residents: Need HVAC Work? Certified Climate Control is Here for You!

Your Ocoee, Florida, home deserves to be always comfortable. That’s why the experts at Certified Climate Control are here. Our HVAC company is among the best for inspections, installations, and repair work.  

We are a customer-focused company designed to give our customers whatever they need to make their homes a better place to live. CCC can handle your needs efficiently and effectively, from ductwork to new installations.  

The HVAC Contractor of Choice

CCC has dedicated itself to being a premier heating and cooling company. With hundreds of positive reviews on Google, an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and enough satisfied customers all over the community, it’s safe to say our reputation is stellar. How do we do it? With our services.  

Heating and Cooling

You need air conditioning in your home to combat the many seasons in Florida. With CCC, you get the expertise to help you choose a new unit and the installation chops to ensure your unit works from the moment you flip the breaker back on.  

Insulation Installation

Insulation is another way to ensure your home’s comfort levels. Our fiberglass insulation experts will work with you to cover every square inch of your home with this valuable material.  


In Florida, losing power in a storm is not a question of if but when. With Generac generators and CCC’s level of care, you can ensure your home has power during the worst storms.  

Ductwork Sealing  

Keep your ducts sealed with CCC. Properly sealed ductwork ensures your home never leaks air or could have easy entry by pests.  

Get the A+ Treatment from CCC

Certified Climate Control is your source of comfort in Ocoee, FL. Our HVAC services will make your home as comfortable as when it first received a blast of cold air. Contact us today to schedule our experts.