UV Light for HVAC Systems

UV Light for HVAC Systems

Are you looking for a safe, effective way to clean your indoor air? Conventional filters trap particulates like dust, dirt, and pet dander, but they have little effect on microorganisms, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That’s where ultraviolet lights for HVAC systems come into play.

You probably know that the sun emits UVA and UVB rays, which can cause sunburn. But did you know UVC rays have germicidal properties allowing them to destroy bacteria, viruses, and mold? Learn more about how this technology works, the benefits you stand to gain, and important considerations to make before installing a UV light in your HVAC system.

What is an HVAC UV Light?

UVC germicidal lights are specially designed for use in HVAC systems. These devices provide superior indoor air cleaning by emitting wavelengths of light in the 200 to 280 nanometer (nm) range. This breaks down microorganisms’ DNA and prevents them from reproducing.

UV light systems were first introduced in the mid-90s. Still, these devices are in their infancy compared to conventional media air filters, which have been a standard in forced-air heating and cooling systems since their inception. As a result, significant improvements in technology and performance have occurred in just the past few years. HVAC UV lights are not meant to replace media air filters; rather, they work together to produce markedly cleaner indoor air.

Benefits of Installing a UV Light in Your HVAC System

Germicidal UV lamps are intended to protect your health and save you money. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from an HVAC UV light system:

  • Reduced respiratory symptoms: Residential-grade media filters are not efficient enough to trap bacteria, viruses, and mold. On the other hand, UV lights kill microorganisms that cause respiratory health problems without blocking airflow. In this way, a UV light in the HVAC system provides much-needed relief from allergies, asthma, and cold symptoms, such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, chest tightness, and nasal congestion.
  • Energy savings: An efficient HVAC system relies on many things, including clean equipment and ductwork. Since installing a UV light helps improve the cleanliness of everything within the HVAC system, including the all-important evaporator coil, the equipment runs more efficiently. This saves you money on your energy bills every month.
  • Improved airflow: A dirty evaporator coil and clogged air filter reduce the volume of air traveling through the ductwork. A UV light slows this dirtying process so airflow remains ideal from one maintenance visit to the next. When dirt or dust gets passed the filter and on the coil it can start to impact the coil. This overtime can become biological growth from the moisture and contaminants mixing which will cause that one spec of dirt to become bigger overtime. The UV rays will kill growth to make sure that dirt stays dirt and doesn’t get worse blocking more of the coil. Proper airflow is essential for dehumidifying your home and keeping every room at the desired temperature, so you should notice these comfort improvements right away.
  • Low maintenance requirements: HVAC systems generally require a thorough cleaning, inspection, and tune-up once a year to keep everything in good working order. While you should continue to schedule annual preventative maintenance, a UV light helps your system stay cleaner between visits so it’s less prone to breakdowns. The light itself is also virtually maintenance-free, requiring nothing more than an occasional bulb replacement. This is a small price to pay for fresh, healthy indoor air.
  • Longer HVAC system lifespan: By promoting a cleaner system and maintaining adequate airflow, a UV light prevents your HVAC equipment from working any harder than necessary. This can add years to its lifespan, saving you money on premature replacement costs.


If you’re serious about installing a UV light in your Florida home’s HVAC system, make sure you go about it the right way. Work with a knowledgeable contractor who understands the importance of the following:

  • Choosing a UV light with the right power output: High-output lamps are necessary because contaminant-laden air blows by quickly. However, powerful UV lights can cause eye and skin irritation, so their use is limited to applications where people and pets won’t come in contact with them, such as inside the HVAC system.
  • Properly installing the lamp: UV light systems are typically installed about 12 inches from the downstream side of the evaporator coil. Professional installation is required to prevent accidental exposure to powerful UVC rays and ensure proper placement for the best results.
  • Remembering bulb change-out cycles: UV lamps lose output over time, so to maintain microbial control, you should replace the light before it burns out completely. The lifespan of UV bulbs varies by brand, so talk to your technician to find out what to expect.

Trust the Fresh-Aire UV APCO-X Whole-House Air Treatment System

At Certified Climate Control, we want our customers to enjoy the best indoor air quality possible. That’s why we only install top-of-the-line products proven to remove even the most stubborn airborne contaminants.

If you’re interested in an HVAC UV light, we recommend the Fresh-Aire UV APCO-X whole-house air treatment system. This product combines UVC light and proprietary EverCarbon™ technology to safely and effectively neutralize air pollutants as they circulate through the HVAC system.

The non-ozone-producing UVC light operates at the 254nm wavelength to disinfect the air and keep the AC evaporator coil clean. Then, a lifetime-activated carbon matrix with an antimicrobial finish captures and neutralizes odor-causing VOCs when energized by UVC light. What remains is harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide, which are released back into the air.

When used concurrently with a high-efficiency media filter, Fresh-Aire UV APCO-X addresses 99% of airborne contaminants in your home. This system is trusted in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and hotels, not to mention millions of homes where Fresh-Aire products have been installed for over 20 years. We switched brands to Reme Halo a while back. You can snag infor from their website site to replace here.

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